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About Us

Worship Catalyst exists to help Worship Leaders get better at what they do! While primarily focusing on brand new churches, our tools and resources have helped hundreds of worship leaders in churches of all sizes! With over 15 years of experience, we have had the opportunity to come along-side and offer worship leaders the gift of a leadership framework that translates into every role that is required of them. We offer uniquely designed tools just for you!! We strive to develop a stronger, healthier leader who is well equipped to serve and lead.


 4 MAIN WAYS WC is Serving Today


HUBS (icon here)- In 18 regions across North America, WC has fully developed “Hubs.” Each hub has a “Connector” leader who is specifically trained to mentor, train, and consult on every area of worship arts within a new church. Check out our current CONNECTORS and see if there is one in your area! We offer this service free of charge to new churches because of the generous donations from individuals, churches, and other organizations.


Worship Leader Essentials (icon here)- Our core 5 month mentoring and training process which hundreds of leaders have experienced! You can choose to add an additional 2-day pre-workshop designed specifically for worship leader and pastor together. Think marriage counseling for leaders! REGISTER TODAY!


On Demand Training (icon here)- Need some quick tips, maybe an encouraging word from like-minded leaders, or maybe even a creative element for an upcoming service? We have you covered with our constantly growing list of RESOURCES. Check them out today!


International Vision (icon here)- We are currently working with international partners to develop WC Hubs in other countries. For more information on partnering with us in this area please email

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Our Team

The Worship Catalyst leadership team is here to serve you. We wake up every morning hoping to see more churches lead people to toward Jesus in worship in a more inspiring and skilled way.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any question you might have about what we do or how we might be able to serve you.

Austin Ryan


Executive Director

For almost 30 years, Austin Ryan has been leading people toward God in worship using music and many other expressions of the arts. In October 2007, Austin completed a nine-year stint as Worship Pastor at a church in Houston, TX where he oversaw the leadership of well over 100 musicians, actors, dancers, singers and visual and technical artists. It was then that he and his wife Cami co-founded Worship Catalyst with a vision to help new churches have authentic and inspiring worship experiences. Now, as the Directional Leader of Worship Catalyst, and co-pastor of Common Ground Online Church, both based in Jacksonville, FL. Austin is working toward the organizational goal of being able to help every church plant in North America.

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Cami Ryan


Operations Director

As Co-founder and Director of Operations for Worship Catalyst and as a long-time worship service designer, Cami has touched almost every area of of worship development. She has built and led multiple drama teams, produced hundreds of services and discipled many worship leaders. She is a developer of people, both tactically and personally. In 2014, after helping lead Worship Catalyst in Arizona and building over a dozen ministry teams at Common Ground Church, Cami moved with her family and a small team to Las Vegas, NV to help plant a new church. Cami is married to Austin Ryan, they have a 17-year old daughter named Finley, and they currently live in the Jacksonville, FL metro area.

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Ben Lunn


Director of Hub Activity

Ben was introduced to leading worship in High School and since then he has spent the last 15 years serving in churches and leading worship for events. Ben has a passion to raise up new leaders and teams in whatever context he works in. He and his wife Sara also serve in Worship Catalyst where they work with church planters helping them disciple and train worship leaders and their teams as well as starting new hubs. They also love spending time with their baby girl Harvest.

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Nichole Paulos


Production Director

A jack-of-all-trades, Nichole has been a part of Worship Catalyst from almost its beginning. A native of Sahuarita, AZ, Nichole enjoys coffee, her dog Zoey and being completely by herself for a whole day after spending too much time with people. Among other things, Nichole has played drums, planned events, and trained technologists in over 100 new churches. Now, as Production Director, Nichole helps design, film and edit all videos, podcasts and other resources Worship Catalyst offers to train worship leaders and teams. She has lived in Arizona, Las Vegas and currently lives in Jacksonville, FL.

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