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Mentoring Only

This 5-month, 13-session mentoring process will walk you through 27 trainings related to worship leading. The various studies are personal spiritual development, developing values in a team, worship history, worship planning, what to say to the congregation, tools to use as a worship pleader, leadership development and more. Well over 1,000 worship leaders have increased their leadership ceiling by walking through this mentoring process. You will go through this process either alone or in a group of 1-2 other worship leaders.


2 Day Workshop with Mentoring

Will spend roughly 10 hours together over a 2 day period working through topics such as mission, vision, values and strategies of the church as they relate to worship ministry. There is also a good amount of practical tool building such as worship planning and building a worship ministry leadership structure. The focus is making sure there is a solid covenantal relationship between the pastor and worship leader moving forward. The format is roughly 60% teaching and 40% guided discussion between the worship leader and pastor. The 5-month mentoring portion begins immediately following the 2-day workshop.

Mentor Options

Getting out of my head during service and connecting with God. Not thinking about order or whatever…but connecting to Jesus. Honing in on that was important. 
Lauren Neal New York 2018

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