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About Us

Worship Catalyst Serves churches by training, mentoring and coaching worship leaders and their teams. Our time-tested tools, resources and expertise have helped hundreds of worship leaders and pastors in churches of all sizes. 

What We Do

 4 MAIN WAYS Worship Catalyst is Serving Today



In 18 regions across North America, WC has fully developed “Hubs.” Each hub has a “Connector” leader who is specifically trained to mentor, train, and consult on every area of worship arts within a new church. Check out our current CONNECTORS and see if there is one in your area! We offer this service free of charge to new churches because of the generous donations from individuals, churches, and other organizations.


Worship Leader Essentials

Our core 5 month mentoring and training process which hundreds of leaders have experienced! You can choose to add an additional 2-day pre-workshop designed specifically for worship leader and pastor together. Think marriage counseling for leaders! REGISTER TODAY!

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On Demand Training 

Need some quick tips, maybe an encouraging word from like-minded leaders, or maybe even a creative element for an upcoming service? We have you covered with our constantly growing list of RESOURCES. Check them out today!

International Vision

We are currently working with international partners to develop WC Hubs in other countries. For more information on partnering with us in this area please email Austin Ryan

Meet The Team


Austin & CAmi Ryan

Executive & Operational Directors 

Austin Ryan is the founder and director of Worship Catalyst. He has been serving in ministry as a worship leader and co-pastor for over 30 years. He and his wife Cami, director of operations, started WC over 15 years ago with 1 goal-to train, mentor and develop worship leaders, primarily for churches just starting. After serving in a larger church in Houston, TX for many years they decided to move to Tucson, AZ and then Las Vegas, NV where they immediately began helping several churches as well as planting 2 churches along the way. As of 2021, WC is headquartered in Florida and has hubs in over 18 cities across the country and is just beginning to expand its influence internationally as well. With hundreds of worship leaders impacted, in churches of all sizes, the ultimate goal of reaching more people with the good news of Jesus is still our #1 focus!!

Meet the Team


A jack-of-all-trades, Nichole has been a part of Worship Catalyst from almost its beginning. A native of Sahuarita, AZ, Nichole enjoys coffee, her dog Zoey and being completely by herself for a whole day after spending too much time with people. Among other things, Nichole has played drums, planned events, and trained technologists in over 100 new churches. Now, as Production Director, Nichole helps design, film and edit all videos, podcasts and other resources Worship Catalyst offers to train worship leaders and teams. She has lived in Arizona, Las Vegas and currently lives in Jacksonville, FL.

Nichole Paulos

Our Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Jonathan Reitz head shot_edited.jpg

Jonathan Reitz

Cleveland, OH

Troy head shot.jpg

TRoy Gaddie

Waco, TX


Ben Barfield

Tucson, AZ


Mona McDonald

Chandler, AZ


Austin Ryan

Fernandina Beach, FL


Tono Rodriguez

Salt Lake City, UT


Daren Glenister

Sudbury, Massachusetts

Vision and Mission


We envision pastors and worship leaders in every nation confidently guiding people to find and follow Jesus, worshiping Him in Spirit and Truth.




We help churches lead people to worship and follow Jesus by training and mentoring their worship leaders and teams.

Our Story

Worship Catalyst was founded in 2007 when co-founders Austin and Cami Ryan saw a need for training and mentoring of worship leaders in new and smaller churches so those churches could be more effective at reaching their communities with the good news of Jesus. Austin and Cami had been leading the creative arts teams at a church in Houston, TX for close to a decade when they recognized this need. So, they quit their jobs, founded Worship Catalyst, began raising support and moved to Tucson, AZ to help start a new church and begin serving many new churches free of charge. 


From 2007 to 2010 Worship Catalyst got established by helping dozens of churches, mentoring their worship leaders, training their technology leaders, helping develop musicians, consulting on all matters of worship services and doing workshops in many towns in Arizona and other states. It was during these years that Worship Catalyst expanded to Las Vegas, Nevada, setting up a “hub” of operation there through a leader named Ben Lunn. 


This expansion was a success as over ten churches were able to be served in just the first year or two. So, Austin and Cami, along with the Board of Directors decided to adopt a “hub strategy” where it would equip leaders in many North American cities to take the resources Worship Catalyst had been developing and serve churches one-on-one as well as in workshop format. Before long, hubs were running in several cities and states across the U.S.


In 2014, Austin and Cami followed God’s prompting to move to Las Vegas to lead Worship Catalyst from there. They also co-planted another church with Ben and Jill Barfield. In the following years, Worship Catalyst was able to expand quickly to 20 locations across the United States. 


In 2021, the headquarters of Worship Catalyst moved again when Austin and Cami followed God’s call to move to Northeast Florida. In this season, the focus of the ministry has expanded to include three primary pathways. First, starting new hubs in more and more cities in Florida and across North America. Second, to provide pastors and worship leaders with high quality training and mentoring through their 5-month mentoring process called Worship Leader Essentials. And finally, to expand its international footprint in places where worship leaders do not currently have access to training and mentoring. Ivory Coast, Africa and Honduras in Central America are the first two countries where Worship Catalyst is investing. 


Driven by a passion to see churches effectively help people find and worship Jesus, Worship Catalyst has a vision of pastors and worship leaders in every nation confidently guiding people to find and follow Jesus, worshiping Him in Spirit and Truth.

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