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Worship Catalyst-24 Hours of Prayer

April 16, 2024


Thank you for your willingness to pray for the ministry of Worship Catalyst. We are so thankful to join with you, our supporters here in the US and Internationally for this special day of prayer. We believe there is power in the prayer of a righteous person, and we never want to move ahead or behind what God wants to do in and through Worship Catalyst. So, we come empty-handed with hearts and minds focused on what our God wants to accomplish though this ministry.


We do believe he continues to give us fresh eyes and renewed vision, specifically to train and develop 5,000 Worship Leaders in 500 Places in 5 Years!


As you pray, here are some specific areas of focus:



Pray for Austin and Cami, as well as the Board and the rest of our staff (Stephen Handley and Nichole Paulos)



  1. Pray for wisdom as we move forward into this next season.

  2. Pray for boldness to do exactly what God tells us to do.





  1. Pray by name for our hub leaders, “Connectors,” that God would give them wisdom as they serve churches and leaders, to help them exactly as they need help.

  2. That God would give them capacity to serve every leader and church around them desiring support and training.

  3. That God will point them to the right leaders to encourage and train.


Noah Battles-Tucson, AZ

Josh Cirre-Phoenix, AZ

Sean Patrick-Salt Lake City, UT

Hiram Ramirez-Portland, OR

Kevin Lorow-Cleveland, OH

Joe Kibbey-Columbus, OH

Corey Coogan-Buffalo, NY

Jeff Nail-St Louis, MO

Stephen Handley-Jacksonville, FL

Joe Lindamood-Florida Panhandle

Lane Wood-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Danny Rios-Miami, FL

Bryan Graham-Houston, TX



This is one of our specific resources for training, mentoring and developing worship leaders. It consists of 2 days of training for pastors and worship leaders, followed by 5 months of mentoring for the worship leader. We have had the opportunity to train 100’s of leaders using this method-in person and now even virtually, making it even more accessible to all!



  1. That God would increase the growth of this ministry. We have a goal of taking 50 churches through this process in a year. We have a long way to go, but we are praying to get to 50.

  2. Pray for our mentors who walk with the worship leaders through this process, that they would receive wisdom and power during their mentor sessions.




With expanded vision, comes expanded financial obligations. We are so excited to move forward as God continues to open doors. With this expansion amongst our US Hubs and internationally-it is going to require more workers, more travel, and more overall expense-especially in coming along-side new churches without a lot of resources.



  1. God’s provision for everything we need financially. The estimates are that the vision God has given us will double the budget. Pray for doubling.

  2. God’s direction on staffing. We will need to increase our staff over the next few years. Pray that God will make the people and the timing clear for us.

  3. FAITH! Pray we will have the faith we need to move forward even when we don’t see the exact provision we think we need. May we have eyes of faith.




We are currently working in 3 countries:  West Africa, the Philippines, and Guatemala, with the hope of adding more countries within the next 5 years. Our vision is to equip capable, indigenous leaders of a country with tools and resources to train and equip their own worship leaders within their unique culture and framework.



  1. That our teams in Ivory Coast, Guatemala and Philippines will have more and more passion and capacity to train leaders.

  2. Pray for strategy as we train leaders to train leaders who train leaders.

  3. Pray God opens up the right countries at the right time, and that He points us to the leaders He has chosen for us to invest in first.

  4. Pray specifically for an opportunity we have in October to begin discussions about expanding Worship Catalyst from Guatemala to every Central American country.





  1. That the content we are producing would be able to reach a broader audience. We have about 10K followers…may that turn to tens of thousands or more.

  2. That the content would be beneficial at providing the necessary tools and resources to encourage and train worship leaders around the world, in every possible nation.

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