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Now that you have completed the 7 Practices of Great Worship Leaders video training series, thank you for considering allowing us to serve you and your church! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions concerning what’s next should you decide to move to the next level.

Question: What do the coaching options cost?

Option 1: Two Coaching Sessions - $150

Option 2: Two Coaching Sessions plus team meeting - $300

Option 3: Coaching plus on-site team meeting - $1250 plus travel

Question: How do I sign up?

Answer: Click the coaching button below 

Question: If we decide to choose the first option (2 mentoring sessions with a Worship Catalyst team member), what exactly will I be getting in those sessions?

Answer: One of our team members will be asking you questions about your team, helping you assess who might function well in the various roles. We will also give you some tips on the various ways you might instill this process into your church, and help you decide which path might be best for you. Once that decision is made, we will coach you on how to implement the process. Additionally, we will give you some training materials that you can use to help each leadership person function at his or her highest capacity. 

Question: If we decide to choose the second option (2 mentoring sessions plus leading the 7 Roles meeting with your members) what exactly will I be getting? 

Answer: In addition to the mentoring answered in the question above, you will also have the same Worship Catalyst team member there to lead your top team members through a meeting that will help them assess God’s gifting and where they might fit in the 7 Roles process. Following this meeting, another coaching session will be offered to help assess who might function well in the various roles. 

Question: If we decide to have our Worship Catalyst Coach actually come to our church and help us implement the 7 Roles process, what are the additional expenses and benefits. 

Answer: The additional expenses will be travel costs and the additional time necessary to travel and be on-site. Typically, we travel in early on one day, meet with the worship leader during the day, the team during the evening and then meet again with the worship leader the next morning before heading out. The added benefits are more focused time from us, an outside person to give credibility to the leader, better relational connection with your team, and a coach you can bounce any ideas off of you might need to discuss. 

Question: How soon can we get started?

Answer: First come, first served. Shortly after you sign up for our coaching, you will receive a call to set up a schedule. 

Question: What are the greatest benefits of getting assistance from Worship Catalyst to implement these 7 Roles?

Answer: First, you will have someone who has walked through this process with many churches. They understand how to communicate it and answer any questions you might have. Second, we have seen the process succeed with greater certainty when churches implement this process with the help of a coach. Finally, you will be functioning in your areas of gifting and helping other function in theirs. It is a gift not only to yourself, but to your team, your church and even the Kingdom!

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